Classic Fitted Bedrooms

Classic Fitted Bedrooms
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Classic bedroom furniture is still a family favourite which is why it is still around after all these years. Link Design Interiors have a wide range of classic bedroom design ideas to suit every personality and every classic bedroom furniture design preference. The idea behind it is that everyone deserves to have a comfortable and well-designed bedroom to help them relax. This is where our quality as standard bedroom furniture comes in handy, too!

From the classic black and white combinations to a subtle beige appearance, our classic bedrooms design collection at our Bolton, Lancashire and Wilmslow, Cheshire showrooms offer a wide range of variety and style for you to choose from.

Classic bedroom furniture

One of the most successful classic bedroom furniture designs is the gold collection. It consists of a large, ornate bed, golden brown drapes, marble flooring, oak doors with golden lines and a state-of-the-art walk-in wardrobe. A shimmering chandelier and a contrasting, black and gold carpet finish this timeless and stunning style off perfectly.

classic fitted bedrooms

Another popular choice is the powerful, classic masculine range. Rich textures, cashmere panelled walls, crème geometric carpet with abstract shapes and dark and polished wood make up this striking classic fitted bedroom design. These are just a few examples of classic fitted bedrooms we have on offer. Feel free to visit us to view the full collection!

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