Colonial Fitted Bedrooms

Colonial Fitted Bedrooms
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Bedrooms should be a calming place that you want to spend time in. Link Design Interior’s colonial fitted bedrooms range at our Bolton, Lancashire and Wilmslow, Cheshire showrooms is soothing and made for relaxing. We model the best old-fashioned colonial bedroom furniture for you, from canopied and pencil post beds to threadbare rugs and Chippendale sofas.

Colonial bedrooms

The ideal colonial bedroom furniture design is one that has mismatched old world furniture which in their own way complement each other perfectly. We provide a wide range of colonial bedroom furniture choices. These include antique blanket chests, ornate wooden tables, nightstands decorated with brass, wrought iron candle holders, as well as stenciled walls instead of borders and wallpapers, field beds with arched canopies and Windsor or upholstered wingback chairs.

colonial fitted bedrooms

One idea to effectively achieve the colonial look for your bedroom is to put all the antique furniture together with covering the floor with wider, dark wooden planks. Our team of colonial fitted bedrooms interior designers can help you create the right space unique to you.

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