Curved Fitted Kitchens

Curved Fitted Kitchens
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We offer a fantastic range of curved fitted kitchen furniture at our Bolton, Lancashire and Wilmslow, Cheshire showrooms. Link Design Interiors can provide you with intelligent arched kitchensbringing an elegance to the room which is difficult to ignore. Our kitchens are the ideal option when your kitchen is not very spacious. The contours take comparatively less space than the broad and long tables of other ranges.

curved fitted kitchens

It is a misconception that fitted curved kitchens offer less space. On the contrary, the smooth, graceful curves can hold within them practical cabinets to provide extra space. The use of curved kitchen units can become the focal point of your fitted kitchen and brings to the overall kitchen design an element of softness.

bespoke kitchen design

At Link Design Interiors, you can choose from ergonomic peninsular, soft-flowing wave fitted curve kitchens and more. These products have the ability to dramatically change the way your kitchen looks and feels.

The pragmatic designer curved fitted kitchens built at our factories will guarantee you can make good use of your kitchen space, so much so that even small kitchens will look spacious.

If you are looking for elegant and streamlined kitchens, let our creative curved kitchen designers take care of creating the perfect bespoke curved kitchen for you.

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